Writers Events, May

Went to see Roger Mc Gough and band Little Machine in the Wirral. Humorous and enjoyable. A lot of people attended. Little machine put music to WB Yeats/ Edward Thomas/  Thomas Carew/ TS Eliot and others. Roger Mc Gough read poems, some put to music some not. Liked the poem about John Peel after a busy day asking for a poached egg. The lady returning and saying “the chef says he can’t be bothered”. And  the poem “I hope I am a burden on my children/ after all, fairs fair/ they were a burden on me” Evening ended with Roger Mc Goughs hit single “Lilly the Pink.”

Went to poetry by the fire side in January (a long time ago). In Liverpool at Saint Brides church. A fundraiser for renovation work. Hosted by Eithne Browne. A lady  read sensual poems about bathing her husband. Then sang “let no man steal your Thyme” Humorous poems from Davy Edge on “porridge” then the sad  “I am Autumn” and  a poem on love lost in “I would”. Prose from John Oldershaw. Poems by Eleanor Rees who teaches at Hope University. The evening ended with Emma Deers singing “you’ll never walk alone.”

Went to Stockton Heath writers group, Warrington. Liz read out her latest collaborated prose on putting Sherlock Holmes in a modern setting.  D read out his short humorous flash fiction which he has just published through Lulu. And R read out, on his to be novel on a mythical world of competing dynasties. With his hero’s and heroines under peril.



Writers Events 4

Went to see Sarah Perry, in Liverpool. A gothic novelist. Who’s latest book is Melmoth. Born 28 november 1979. Has written three book- After Me Comes the Flood. The Essex Serpent. Melmoth. Born in Chelmsford, Essex. To a strict Baptist upbringing. In conversation with James Naughtie of Radio Four. Says her novels gothic style provides a reassuring mirror in a world of universal credit/ Brexit/ Trump.

Saw Matt Abbott in Chester. Support acts were Matt Nicholson from Hull. And a very good lesbian poet. Who’s name i cant remember. He charts in a sequence of poems. His and other peoples life’s against the back drop of Brexit and the Calais jungle were he worked as a volunteer.

Saw Jess Green in Preston. Passionate hour long poetry set. Describing the horror of conservative rule. With women’s refuge’s being shut.  Disabled people being found fit for work. Students saddled with debts. Homelessness, adult poverty, and child poverty . And advocating Jeremy Corbyn as a solution.


Matt Abbott                          Sarah Perry                    Jess Green


Writers Events June

Went to Wigan open mic. At the Old Courts various bars, Wigan. About ten minutes ago. Expertly and humorously hosted by Louise Fazackerley. D, read out humorous poems which on domestic themes still managed to include “dogging” and panic attacks? Louise read out a beautiful poem on possible pneumonia with precise imagery of days routines? H, over briefly from Brisbane with her niece read out a poem an Australian friend had sent her about Hibiscus flower. A, read out on visiting a friend and perambulations of motherhood and university and homes. With elan, W, read out two poems one on e bay. One on e mails which included the word “adorned.” An unusual word in e mails sent. K, read out on menopause which she conclude should be called womanopause. Sorry for fuzzy photos!




Went to Stockton Heath Library, Warrington writers group, about two weeks ago. After introductory chatter. J, read out an ironically funny flash fiction. Which included, relatives on both sides disaproval of a marriage. That then involved domestic violence briefly. Then the woman being 100% in control. And the grooms family wondering how they got involved with such a family. S, wrote on a fictional world. L, on Rampusal. Cilla a short fiction. And W a short poem about time. Which “gets under your nails.” P, read out on a man living in a van on or outside his house with an LGBTI? twist  (similar to Alan Bennett, “the woman in the van”)






Writers Events

Went to Chester poets some time ago. In the Boot Inn an old timber black and white pub. I don’t know their names. D read out a poem about Saint George emerging from a statue horse in Chester cathedral, and from thence a dragon. R read out a poem about sitting under a statue of Victoria in Liverpool and tourists taking pictures of the statue with him sitting. And then his picture spread accross the world. Kemal read out two poems about walking Offa’s Dike a linear earthwork roughly following the English Welsh border.

Went to Chorlton library, Manchester about ten minutes ago. Organized by Manky poets. Michael Wilson was the guest headliner. He lived in Manchester for some time. And now lives in Northern Ireland. He read out for half an hour poems about his experience of mental health issues an his treatment

Other poets in the open mic bit. Me included, read out about the Suffragettes. A forest. Anecdotes about items without naming them? I read Celtic mythology poems. There was a Roman era poem. And one about placebo. Unfortunatley there was a small dent in my car when i left. But it was still an enjoyable evening. Both the headliner and the open mic was of good quality.








Writers Events April

Went to a book launch in Manchester. For Henry Normal (Peter James Carroll) He has written as a book of poems about his now adult autistic son called A Normal Family. His son is mildly severe on the autistic spectrum. He related anecdotes of his son approaching music buskers with his fingers in his ears. As he doesn’t like sound. And dropped the coins from height as it was inconvenient to stoop. Amongst many accolades Henry Normal co wrote Mrs Merton and The Royale Family. Was managing director with Steve Coogan of Baby Cow Productions Ltd. The evening was very much worth the £2 ticket. The poems about his son where poignant

Went to socialist club Bolton on Sunday. An open mic in Britain’s oldest socialist club. Humorous and as you’d expect left politically poems. To fit in, which i am left wing, i read on a vagrant in 1840’s Spike and about coal mining. Poems about Syria, India traveling in, “Rochdale”,  the sadness of alcohol alone, plus humorous poems and one music slot, criticisms of present government.