Two Explorers

Vasco de gama

1460s to 24 december 1524

Portugese led two amardas. To the indies, in 15th century. Wealthened Portugal by trade routes. Landed in Calicut on 20 may 1498. First European to reach indies. Many lost life’s trying. Spices obtained mainly pepper and cinnamon. But others soon added Portugeses previously explored northern and west coast Africa

Used the cape route. Avoided highly disputed meditereanean. And dangerous arabian peninsular. Led two armadas to india. The first and forth. On ship called Esmerelda

Jacques Cousteau

11 june 2010 to 25 june 1997

French naval officer/explorer/conservationist/filmmaker/scientist/innovator/ photographer/author/researcher

French oceanographer, diver. Used first aqualungs. Filmed coral reefs fish. Sharks rays whales. Millions watched his black and white tv nature films. His documentary “the silent world” won the palm d or at cannes film festival in 1956. Helped develop the aqualung. Concerned with all aspects of the ocean

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