The Other Room, Manchester

Went to “the other room” Manchester some time ago, but to lazy to post. Robert Sheppard who teaches at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, was reading from his soon to be published book. “the european union of imaginary writers.” Other poets added their takes. One poet “made up” from each country. An enjoyable evening and the poetry was of high quality

Went to Longton arts fest. Read poems in a charity shop. Others played music. Left early as no one was interested in my poems or the music. First time i’ve read to an audience of 0. Other participants excluded

Went to Wigan stanza yesterday evening. An enjoyable event. Informal, Bill read out a poem on stone circles that he plans to frame with picture/illustration and attempt to sell. ? read out a poem about Palmyra- its significance/ destruction and rebirth. Dorothy about memories of her husband. And Irene of a cat she gave a home to

Its Manchester lit fest in October. Don’t know if i’ll go to any of events. But at a glance Tara Bergin. Michael Symmons Roberts. Clare Pollard and George Szirtis  appeal.

Some of readers at the other room

Robert Sheppard                    Patricia Farrell                                   Joanne Ashcroft