Explorer Mars

Blood on Mars – Explorer


First there is no oxygen

But you walk with the last breath, you took in the landing craft


Then there is no gravity

But you cling by violent ravid faith to the planet rock


The suns radiation blisters your skin

Splits it open and flesh burns like a fragmentation bullet

Shot at by your brother, with an AK he kept hidden under the bed


You like the aloneness of Mars

You like the red dust and rock/ softer red than human blood


You chuckle- “Martians not here”


Then you lie on the ground

As the flesh squirms, through your disapearing skin

You turn on the I pod

A Priests sentimentality at death

And listen to “nothing else matters” by Metallica


And this sun which they lied about and said was life giving

The decrepid hypocritical incas, and debauched celts, and deluded indians


Melts your eyes in marriage

The most beautiful and real moments of your entire existance.



poetry pamphlets

Just “signed off” three poetry pamphlets, which i have been working on since August. So now waiting for over 100 copies of each.

Homes is about er homes. The first two sections are bleak delibaratley so. The third section is hopeful and optomistic. There is a lot of understated humour in first two sections. And as poems go on the reader is supposed to be entertained

Narratives is an entireĀ  book of poetry containing questions and replies. The first section is dark, but with humour. The second section attempts to address the main events- birth, marriage, old age, death. Which is done in an abstract way. And again more hopeful joyess poems in the final section “some cathedrals”. I think i did quite well to stick to the format

The Love Songs of James Dyer comprises, of i hope five plausible characters. That i hope i know. And is quirky. Hopully the characters are interesting and the poems about.

If when they arrive i can arrange pay pal they may be available for sale. I might possibly employ a wholesaler. So there not on amazon as “currently unavailable” Although as is common knowledge poetry books dont sell well. I think i should congratulate myself. I guess now i’ll have to find new things to do. Or if i can brave it write some more. I found it easier working on three at once than one at a time.


helvellyn-lake district