poetry-maria baranda- Ficticia

Maria Barranda was born in 1962 in Mexico city. Her poems have been translated by Joshua Edwaeds and Paul Hoover. She is part of a vital tradition of hispanic poetry from eg Vincente Huidobro to Octavio Paz to Xavier Villaurrutia to Homero Aridjis of the early and mid 20th century. And new hispanic poetry from Mercedes Roffe to Elsa Cross. Her book Ficticia is publshed by Sheasman in English translation. Wherefrom some quotes.

The book is in narratives divided into ficticia/ letters to Robinson/ then the Sea.


Who will endure their heavy burden- from 1

where fish throb with the calmness/ of a heart that’s on its own- from 1

of someone getting up to take shelter in madness/ in the middle of the night- from 6

the voices of your ancestors was a single word:/ home- from 9

I am not mistaken when i say that the word grace/ incites laughter in lonesome men- from 13 (5) letters to Robinson

That is vertigo: to stand alone and survey/ a paradise at the edge of memory 13 (6) letters to Robinson

I can lick the blood/ of a broken statue in a foggy wasteland 16 (4) Sky cycle

I will have to enlighten myself with a black tear 16 (4) Sky cycle

The century, this century, has already abandoned us./ It has renounced us 16 (5) Sky cycle

those furrows where your history/ always departs as a disasterous ordeal- 17