Jeanne Guyon

Jeanne Guyon (Madam Guyon)  may not be a well known or media name. But it is interesting to see how people, in this case the 17thC/ 18th C lived their life’s

I am indebted to Julia Kristeva for the name Jeanne Guyon. 16 april 1648 to 9 june 1717. French mystic who advocated quietism. Which was concidered heretical by Roman Catholic Church. Imprisoned from 1695 to 1705. After publishing book “a short and easy method of prayer”

“Quietism” was particularly associated with the writings of Miguel de Molinos, Francois Malaval and Jeanne Guyon. Advocating “contemplation” over “meditation,” intellectual stillness over vocal prayer, and interior stillness over pious action

She had mystical visions. Believed prayer should be all the time. Wrote poems. Believed in grace not works. Like St Augustine, St Thomas Aquinas, Calvin, Matin Luther, believed deliverance can only come from outside source, not from within a person, him or herself.  Her journal of prison life was thought lost, but published in 1992 . in 1664 aged 15 forced into an arranged marriage with a wealthy gentleman of Montargis, Jacques Guyon. Husband died after 12 years of marriage in 1676. Was primarily a French mystic. Suffered a lot during life. Remained true to her belief in gods purpose.