Explorer Arctic

Your dark blue tent and green sleeping bag

Stand out like splashed hued colour

Against the white cold duvet of land

White outs- wind whipping snow, a wall of angel white

If you had a capuccino, the stenght of the vivid smell would kill you

You are attuned to walking stooped at 30 degrees

Pulling the sledge via a harness

Leaning on sno poles

You wear skis, sometimes snow shoes

A packed underground station would be overwhelming

Another colour added to the landscape eg a red crocus could prove fatal

You know the types of ice, the ocean underneath

The types of snow, crevasses

Better than Wainwright knows Harters fell.

Or a cartographer, or a child a play pen

Alaska Range

Arctic, Alaska Range


Explorer Mars

Blood on Mars – Explorer


First there is no oxygen

But you walk with the last breath, you took in the landing craft


Then there is no gravity

But you cling by violent ravid faith to the planet rock


The suns radiation blisters your skin

Splits it open and flesh burns like a fragmentation bullet

Shot at by your brother, with an AK he kept hidden under the bed


You like the aloneness of Mars

You like the red dust and rock/ softer red than human blood


You chuckle- “Martians not here”


Then you lie on the ground

As the flesh squirms, through your disapearing skin

You turn on the I pod

A Priests sentimentality at death

And listen to “nothing else matters” by Metallica


And this sun which they lied about and said was life giving

The decrepid hypocritical incas, and debauched celts, and deluded indians


Melts your eyes in marriage

The most beautiful and real moments of your entire existance.



affectivity theory and poetry

in the mid 1990’s an interdisiplenary movement advocated affectivity as a panacea for increasingly peripheral doctorates on for instance fast food burgers  (Francois Holland) or the portrayal  of furniture in Victorian women novels. etc, symbolism in Disney movies

The implications of this are possibly subjectivity, and this lends itself to imagistic poery. Is this a disadvantage. Poets such as Trakl and Les Murray also Jen Hadfield in her excellent book Byssus, still work in images without being subjective. While Barbra Guest moved in her later carear into abstract expressionism. At the risk of a liberal turn. i think imagistic poetry is healthy and a good base. Whether it changes into abstract expressionism or narrative or late modernism depends on the poet

Affectivity theory has now morphed somewhat into embodiment theory . I am trying to map directions in poetry from metaphysics. And hope you find these two theories interesting, in an age when as Adorno? says there are thousands of theories with no adherents. The ground is complicated. But both theories provide a way out from the cogito. And are good i think for creativity

This is my first ever blog on an unedited wordpress site. i havn’t decided on themes yet or if there will be any.