Greek Olympians- Persephone

Also called Kore and Cora. Spends winter in the underworld where she is imprisoned by Hades. Daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Sacred to her willow tree, rivers, waterfalls. With her mother Demeter central to the Eleusinian mysteries. Which pre- date the Greek Parthenon

Perhaps in the underworld in winter she grieves for a lost child or lover. Through the year’s she knows this waiting of despair and rebirth. She thinks she hears her mother calling faintly from the air. The earth waits on her mother’s grieving for a flicker of an eyelid, for refractured light, celandine, warbler in the willow and alder branches. As the princess of the underworld ascends

She is a lover in a dark tunnel. A blind star watcher. Waiting, waiting, wait. For the earth to begin its rivald celerations. For a kiss. To begin. In ice pitch black rebirth inspring. For the newness born in the blackness