Two Feminists

As i male white, i enjoy reading prefferably high brow feminist texts. Also male continental Europe mainly post modernists. I find them liberating. On the basis that the world is far from a safe place or fair and just. And welcome texts questioning the metaphysical validity and truth of that world and our place in. Here are two brief soudbites on two theorists

Hannah Arendt 14 th october 1906 to 4 december 1975- German born Jewish American political theorist- she rejected the word “philosopher” as on qualified feminist grounds. Seeks to – “redress the male bias in the history of human thought”. She is concerned with amongst other things spaces- private and public. Arguing that some things need to be “showed publically” to exist at all. She presents the subject as “on trial” “in process.”

Helene Cixous 5 june 1937 Algerian/French feminists, philosopher, playwright, poet, rhetoricisn, literary critic. Is concerned with language. With art, with roots, dreams, memory. In Stigmata she unthreads deconstructs using the French language as her tool. In doing so- Looking at Rembrandt,- literally “painting death.” The love of the wolf– in which she ends “the wolf is the lamb/the lamb is the wolf.” In october 1991- a theme of Helene Cixous of almost passionatley revelling in the joyous details of a few hours or short time spent years ago in the past. Her view is post structulist. Derrida called her the “greatest living writer in the French language today. Her “escaping text” language makes her a joy to read.

There are 12 essays in Stigmata, unfortunatley i read them about 7 years ago so have trouble remembering. I cannot as yet find an  English version of “The cry of the medussa”- her most lauded work. Love in the Letterbox– essays. Three steps on the writing ladder. Coming to Writing and other essays. Are in English translation and well worth reading.


                           hannah arendt                                                 helene cixous