Captain James Cook

An unusual subject matter. But one that reflects my current interests. As i’m part way through writing a book about explorers/exploring

James Cook 7 november 1728 to 14 february 1779. Made three main voyages, that at the time redifined the geographical view of the world. He was unusual at the time, in that he rose through the ranks to become ships captain. His father was a farm worker. While he was away on voyages lasting around three years each, his wife was left alone. He was an excellent navigator and charted coastlines with great accuracy, skills learnt during the seven year war in now Canada

1st voyage- Attempt to gain knowledge of the postulated “great southern land” ” terra australis” as captain of HMS Endeavor. Circumnavigated New Zealand sailed along the western coast of Australia

2nd voyage- Again to find “tera australis”, Log reads-“here we watered our ship with ice the 1st time/26S 44W” The voyage intended to go as far south as possible. Cook crossed the antactic circle 3 times. Reached a latitude of 71degrees 10 south and longitude of 106 degrees 54 west.

In the coarse of the voyage he visited South Georgia, Tonga, Sandwich Islands, New Hebridies, Tahiti, many of which he named. In vast sweeps of the pacific he proved no terra australis existed. After going to predicted locations. And predicted a further continent south of the ice,- Antarctica

3rd voyage- To Pacific coast of America. On HMS Discovery (where two ships, other HMS Resolution comanded by Charles Clerke.) Sailed through the Bering Straight but stopped by ice. Retired to Hawii for winter. Tumultuous reception from tribes. Cook became increasingly erratic in his decisisions and behavior. Perhaps the long years on ships where taking there toll. Left but had to turn back due to damage to ship. After an altercation Cook was killed by the islanders at Kealakekua Bay.