Bernard De Clairvaux

I am indebted to Julia Kristeva for the name Bernard de Clairvaux. And Wikepedia! b 1090 to 20 August 1153. Reformer of Cistercian order. French Abbot. After the death of his mother joined Cistercian order. Founded monastery in 1115, naming it Clair Vallee. Which evolved into Clairvaux. Traced the outlines of the Knights Templar which became ideal of christian nobility

Schism in church. Bernard chosen to choose between the rivals. Spoke to Louis V1 France, Henry 1 England,  Lothair 11 Holy Roman Emperor . Large portions of christian world though, still supported Anacletus, rather than Innocent 11. The schism was ended when Anacletus died on 25 january 1138.

He was then called on to combat heresy. Then to preach the second crusade, which failed to win Jerusalem. Bernard was blamed. Bernard died aged 63 after 40 years as a Monk. Canonized by Alexander 111 on 18 January 1174. Often referred to as the “doctor of the church.” Many monastery’s in his name. Wrote books on theology.

Bernard de Clairvaux