Angel Meadow- Manchester

My last post of 2016. Meaning i think i’ve managed 12, one per month. As in 2015. Angel Meadow in Manchester (long since condemed and demolished) was judged in the victorian era, Britains worst slum.

Many of the houses where one up one down. People would purportedly sleep naked to avoid lice spread from clothes. One quarter of the houses where used for illicit purposes. The words “slumming it” came from the respectable victorians visiting out of interest. The bordering River Irk was black

Friedrick Engels reffered to Angel Meadow using cliched language of today as “hell on earth” French philosopher Alexis de Toqueville described a “watery land of palaces and hovels/ where pure gold poured from open sewers” presumably reffering to the wealth of the mill owners and the squalor of the workers.

There were 20000 to 30000 people living in the slum (many Irish people escaping the potato famine) . The death rate 1888/1889/1890 was 50.9 per thousand per annum, making it significantly worse than Londons East End slums. The average for all England during the same period was 19 per thousand per annum

“Scuttlers” gangs roamed the street. With brass tipped cloggs. Body snatchers dug up corpses to sell the bones to glue factories. Live stock was kept in backyards and vegetables grown. One privy for 100 houses. Theives and prostitutes would share company with rats. People where hunted down by cholera, typhoid, TB. etc. Maybe Preston in 2017 isn’t so bad?