American Realist Painters

three poems on American Realist Paintings that may one day make in edited form a poetry pamphlet Hope you enjoy :

Amerian Realist Painters- times three

1 Edward Hopper Nighthawks

    The interior is green like a farm pond

    The wood cherry brown
    Red brick houses along the street habitations

    Why are they/we so alone?
    Nearly as alone as married couples with three children but not quite
    As the man at a football match

    What do these four people dream of?
    White wood boarded houses?
    The final deal that makes them rich?
    Becoming the family in glossy commercial adverts?

    Ministered to by a barman
    Is the alone mans wife waiting in a downtown apartment?

    “Another bourbon for the road” says Frank
    Before he goes out into the empty night

    I guess they have a living to make
    Respectable in there way

    We are invited to view them in there neon green fish tank

    And the city murmers and babbles and they are alone and small

    Are they nursing their dreams in a down town city diner?

    Do they have hope?

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    2 George Bellows- The Lone Tenement

    We stand beneath the bridge

    We are not part of New York
    Light cascades here to
    And what we/they are building is unfinished

    When it is finished the litter men will come
    Clean us away
    And business men will make money in the new tenement

    The river is a silver sash of hope
    Its dark under the bridge
    Stick ants in the urban undergrowth


    3 James Whistler- Battersea Bridge  (nocturne in blue and gold)

    The light saturates
    A kiss

    For the smog sexual ly blue

    This light dreaming
    A nose flattened against a city door

    Its ok

    We’ll build everywhere
    Until the blue light sanctifies the river Thames Battersea Bridge
    And Golgatha Babylon Alexandria