Writers Events 4

Went to see Sarah Perry, in Liverpool. A gothic novelist. Who’s latest book is Melmoth. Born 28 november 1979. Has written three book- After Me Comes the Flood. The Essex Serpent. Melmoth. Born in Chelmsford, Essex. To a strict Baptist upbringing. In conversation with James Naughtie of Radio Four. Says her novels gothic style provides a reassuring mirror in a world of universal credit/ Brexit/ Trump.

Saw Matt Abbott in Chester. Support acts were Matt Nicholson from Hull. And a very good lesbian poet. Who’s name i cant remember. He charts in a sequence of poems. His and other peoples life’s against the back drop of Brexit and the Calais jungle were he worked as a volunteer.

Saw Jess Green in Preston. Passionate hour long poetry set. Describing the horror of conservative rule. With women’s refuge’s being shut.  Disabled people being found fit for work. Students saddled with debts. Homelessness, adult poverty, and child poverty . And advocating Jeremy Corbyn as a solution.


Matt Abbott                          Sarah Perry                    Jess Green


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