Goddess of the harvest and agriculture. Brings divine order/ unwritten law/ sacred law. She and her daughter Persephone are central to the Eleusinian mysteries. A series of large and secretive concerts held every five years. The themes where loss, search and ascent. Believed she made the crops grow each year. Thus, the first loaf of bread was offered to her. Daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Sacred to her poppy, narcissus, crane. Grieved during the four months Persephone, her daughter was kept in the underworld, causing winter. 

As Persephone was abducted Zeus intervened. But as Persephone ate pomegranate seeds, she was forced to spend four months in the underworld. Before being reunited with Demeter in spring.

She makes arty cards sends them to strangers in the Philippines. Paints her nails in three colors red, blue, orange, adds glitter and gloss.

She loves high Italian renaissance art. Is an expert on the 2nd republic and the Paris commune of 1871. Lives in a flat above a shop in Fulwood, Preston.

Concerts held in her honor are joyeuse and sacred. She coaxes out structure and equilibrium.

She stays indoors for days at a time, draws charcoal drawings of the room and the moon, the street. From the drafty bay window overlooking dilapidated factories and neon takeaways. Looks for hours at photographs of her daughter.

Whispers and shouts into the downstairs cellar and shop. In autumn she is agape, in winter she calls “Persephone, Persephone, Persephone.” The freezing ice shards on the window. Persephone beloved be released.