The Tribe of Brannan 2

The Tribe of Brannan

The poem is a bit off the wall. Includes research on Livia Augusta. Less so on the depicted Celts. The poem is part of a series and probably doesn’t make sense ? I had difficulty finding images to accompany.

Meeting Livia Augusta


After the Celts had stayed in Byzantium

They went forth

In regal dishevelled squalor to meet Livia Drusilla on a hill called Caellian

On the outskirts of Rome


Tattered from 18 years of gruelling walking

They stood forlorn on the crest of Caellian

For three days they waited, indifferent to the wave torrents of rain that swept across them

Standing motionless hooded as the sun devoured them

They gazed permanently north east, it is not known why



On the third day

A retinue of Marcellus, Guy Salutis, Casar Dio

Eighteen splendour horses and fifty five centurions arrived


Livia Drusilla hair burnt radiant in Jupiter’s fire light, says

Do you carry the dominion of Tiberius my son to emperor

Rhiannon and Pwyll and Branwen stare forward with blue incandescent eyes

There is a long silence

The Roman retinue glare. Livia turns her horse. I will kill those two she says

Gesturing to her group.

A long silence

The retinue of Romans beat sword handle on shields


Who am i.


I am the virtuous empress. Enabler of women. The perfumed daggeress of enchanted Roman palace

The Celts stood forlorn ravid with hunger and disease

Looking north east

Are you not the seers of the northern forest. Speak my men’s swords are sharp

The Celts turned and walked equidistant north east, slowly due to atrophied famine

Livia turns and turns on the splendid horse. Then the night comes. The fluttering of the army’s regal banners

All chant in ravid voices once, we needed to see you, that is all

Then the night came. Like a wound deep and turned septic with gangrene