The Tribe of Brannan



It is day in the forest

Walking is tough, the branches criss cross and hurt

Holes in the limestone ground, entrap feet and leg

Merlin approaches the owner of the forest

You are going to Anwyn ?

The leader says, we are the untainted

You seek snow?

Our god calls us to leave the city

Non have found Anwyn except in dreams

We have found this forest

Then let your god carry you

swedish forest



All day they walk over, the Pindus mountains of Greece

They need to get to Byzantium

Before Mehmed11 raises the city

Then to urgently see Livia Augusta and Helena

Agrippa and Claudius

At the gates to the Bosphorous a customs official says

Today is 3010 Byzantium is history, it is no more

Lugh answers, listen to the wind, does she mention time