Writers Events June

Went to Wigan open mic. At the Old Courts various bars, Wigan. About ten minutes ago. Expertly and humorously hosted by Louise Fazackerley. D, read out humorous poems which on domestic themes still managed to include “dogging” and panic attacks? Louise read out a beautiful poem on possible pneumonia with precise imagery of days routines? H, over briefly from Brisbane with her niece read out a poem an Australian friend had sent her about Hibiscus flower. A, read out on visiting a friend and perambulations of motherhood and university and homes. With elan, W, read out two poems one on e bay. One on e mails which included the word “adorned.” An unusual word in e mails sent. K, read out on menopause which she conclude should be called womanopause. Sorry for fuzzy photos!




Went to Stockton Heath Library, Warrington writers group, about two weeks ago. After introductory chatter. J, read out an ironically funny flash fiction. Which included, relatives on both sides disaproval of a marriage. That then involved domestic violence briefly. Then the woman being 100% in control. And the grooms family wondering how they got involved with such a family. S, wrote on a fictional world. L, on Rampusal. Cilla a short fiction. And W a short poem about time. Which “gets under your nails.” P, read out on a man living in a van on or outside his house with an LGBTI? twist  (similar to Alan Bennett, “the woman in the van”)






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