Writers Events

Went to Chester poets some time ago. In the Boot Inn an old timber black and white pub. I don’t know their names. D read out a poem about Saint George emerging from a statue horse in Chester cathedral, and from thence a dragon. R read out a poem about sitting under a statue of Victoria in Liverpool and tourists taking pictures of the statue with him sitting. And then his picture spread accross the world. Kemal read out two poems about walking Offa’s Dike a linear earthwork roughly following the English Welsh border.

Went to Chorlton library, Manchester about ten minutes ago. Organized by Manky poets. Michael Wilson was the guest headliner. He lived in Manchester for some time. And now lives in Northern Ireland. He read out for half an hour poems about his experience of mental health issues an his treatment

Other poets in the open mic bit. Me included, read out about the Suffragettes. A forest. Anecdotes about items without naming them? I read Celtic mythology poems. There was a Roman era poem. And one about placebo. Unfortunatley there was a small dent in my car when i left. But it was still an enjoyable evening. Both the headliner and the open mic was of good quality.








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