Welsh goddess of love and beauty. Goddess of Celtic religious polytheism. Daughter of Llyr and Penarddum. She is married to the King of Ireland. But this marriage does not bring peace. Stories told about her in the second branch of the Mabinogi.

Bendigiedfran (King of Britain) is sitting on a rock by the sea at Harlbech. Watching the ships of Matholwch (King of Ireland) approaching. He saw the Irish army approachingĀ  Wales. Matholwch has come ask for the hand of Branwen.

Esfnisien her half brother is furious at the wedding celebrations. And mutilates Matholwch’s horses. Matholwch is consoled by Bendigiedfran. Who gives him a magical cauldron to bring the dead to life. But they are risen mute.


Standing Branwen in the Snowdonia massif. Her fierce emerald green eyes. Beaming out from the blackened fir forest. In the background Curlew alighting twill. The cascading of a mountain stream. She feels the light set and rise. My essence and source. Just her love pervading in 2085.


Snow no 2

Snow no 8

The LGTBI fancy dress party was raucous

Midnight rambler blazing on full volume

Normally the kitchen was enough

Finally i climbed into the deep freezer

And scratched semi-happy at the enervated ice in the

Pitch blackness


Snow no 11

My favorite holiday destinations are :

The blue ice of Patagonia

The barren Saltfjellet

Cycling holidays in Iceland

Beluga whale watching in Greeland

Partying in Antarctica

Accidentally wandering into Siberia for months on end

After continuing to walk in Laparentra

While relishing an unexpected snow blizzard

Photographing snow in the Himalayas