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They say wisely you should run this race

Here covered deeply under the avalanche

i cannot hear what they say, just the envigoraring

enchanting sound of creaking


snow is white cannine teeth

embracing in a freezing  kiss


her long black hair was

a snow baubels magnetic desire


snow again, through the

blue darkened sky, Bristol sleeping









I’m trying to get to 12 for year, i’ve one more to go. Queen of the Celtic tribe Iceni. Popular in British folklore, Led an uprising against Roman occupiers in AD 60 or 61. Died shortly after its failure. Destroyed Camulodunum, modern day  Colchester. Her motivation is disputed. Could have been flogged and her daughters raped. Or money paid to prominent Britons confiscated. After Colchester targeted Londinium, London and Verulamium, St Albans. An estimated 70,000 to 80,000 Romans and British died in three attacks. Also enlisted support of Celtic Trinovantes and others. Roman Suetonius regrouped and defeated the Britons at the battle of Watling Street

After her death her husband Prasutagus ruled as a nominally independent ally of Rome.  Left his kingdom jointly to his daughters and Roman emperor

As with Celtic mythology most scant information comes from Roman or early christian sources. There seems to be a loose divide between people interested in Celtic mythologies and the factual life’s of the iron age Celts. (often uncovered by archaeology). I guess  Joan of Arc succeeded in liberating France from the English supported Burgundian. And enabling the reign of Charles V11. Perhaps Boudica has a similar allure. She was painted by Pre Raphaelite’s.



Bernard De Clairvaux

I am indebted to Julia Kristeva for the name Bernard de Clairvaux. And Wikepedia! b 1090 to 20 August 1153. Reformer of Cistercian order. French Abbot. After the death of his mother joined Cistercian order. Founded monastery in 1115, naming it Clair Vallee. Which evolved into Clairvaux. Traced the outlines of the Knights Templar which became ideal of christian nobility

Schism in church. Bernard chosen to choose between the rivals. Spoke to Louis V1 France, Henry 1 England,  Lothair 11 Holy Roman Emperor . Large portions of christian world though, still supported Anacletus, rather than Innocent 11. The schism was ended when Anacletus died on 25 january 1138.

He was then called on to combat heresy. Then to preach the second crusade, which failed to win Jerusalem. Bernard was blamed. Bernard died aged 63 after 40 years as a Monk. Canonized by Alexander 111 on 18 January 1174. Often referred to as the “doctor of the church.” Many monastery’s in his name. Wrote books on theology.

Bernard de Clairvaux




Jeanne Guyon

Jeanne Guyon (Madam Guyon)  may not be a well known or media name. But it is interesting to see how people, in this case the 17thC/ 18th C lived their life’s

I am indebted to Julia Kristeva for the name Jeanne Guyon. 16 april 1648 to 9 june 1717. French mystic who advocated quietism. Which was concidered heretical by Roman Catholic Church. Imprisoned from 1695 to 1705. After publishing book “a short and easy method of prayer”

“Quietism” was particularly associated with the writings of Miguel de Molinos, Francois Malaval and Jeanne Guyon. Advocating “contemplation” over “meditation,” intellectual stillness over vocal prayer, and interior stillness over pious action

She had mystical visions. Believed prayer should be all the time. Wrote poems. Believed in grace not works. Like St Augustine, St Thomas Aquinas, Calvin, Matin Luther, believed deliverance can only come from outside source, not from within a person, him or herself.  Her journal of prison life was thought lost, but published in 1992 . in 1664 aged 15 forced into an arranged marriage with a wealthy gentleman of Montargis, Jacques Guyon. Husband died after 12 years of marriage in 1676. Was primarily a French mystic. Suffered a lot during life. Remained true to her belief in gods purpose.

The Jazz Age

I’m unsure of my subject matter. In the Jazz age America was segregated along racial lines. Particularly in the south. Jazz, “the roaring twenties” provided through art a way for some black musicians. Paving the way for many more to emancipation

Artists such as Besse Smith, Cole Porter, Billie Holiday. Louis Armstrong with songs, “What a wonderful life” “Summertime”, gave black Americans a voice. The haunting song “Strange Fruit,” written as a poem by teacher Abel Meeropol, made famous initially by Billie Holiday with the lyrics, “strange fruit hanging from the poplar tree”  and later in the song “here is a strange and bitter crop”

I’m not an expert on music theory. But often adroit musicians would improvise as the song was played. “Mr Bojangles” is another haunting and much covered song. Louis Armstrong was the son of a prostitute and mostly absent father. Born and raised in New Orleans. In youth peddled out of a junk wagon.  My interest lies in the ability of art to transform peoples life’s.

Billie Holiday                                  Louis Armstong