Spotlight- Lancaster

Went to Wgan open mic. Bury open mic and Wigan stanza writing group, some time ago. Then on Friday 19th May to Spotlight Lancaster

Prefer an evening of just poetry. But there where about four music slots. One rap. Two accoustic and the forth a duo which i particulary enjoyed, reminding me somewhat of Kristin Hirsch or TheDelgados in places. Ron Baker provided the humour, irreverant and compered excellently

i dont know there names unfortunatley. So denote by a letter. D, read out poems of political satire on Jeremy Corbyn. R, read out a prose piece treating us to the history of some social club/ or bar and a sociologial humorous take on the changing clientele over time (in Morecombe) ((reminding me of George Szirtes- At Rosehill Theatre, Whitehaven))

Z read out a prose piece that resonated with bird and birds wings, where the perhaps freedom denoted, bit at the end in social reality (similar perhaps to some poems in Liz Berry- The Black Country) E, read out a prose piece on his escapades with his motorcycle. All listened to sipping lime and soda


















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