Spotlight- Lancaster

Went to Wgan open mic. Bury open mic and Wigan stanza writing group, some time ago. Then on Friday 19th May to Spotlight Lancaster

Prefer an evening of just poetry. But there where about four music slots. One rap. Two accoustic and the forth a duo which i particulary enjoyed, reminding me somewhat of Kristin Hirsch or TheDelgados in places. Ron Baker provided the humour, irreverant and compered excellently

i dont know there names unfortunatley. So denote by a letter. D, read out poems of political satire on Jeremy Corbyn. R, read out a prose piece treating us to the history of some social club/ or bar and a sociologial humorous take on the changing clientele over time (in Morecombe) ((reminding me of George Szirtes- At Rosehill Theatre, Whitehaven))

Z read out a prose piece that resonated with bird and birds wings, where the perhaps freedom denoted, bit at the end in social reality (similar perhaps to some poems in Liz Berry- The Black Country) E, read out a prose piece on his escapades with his motorcycle. All listened to sipping lime and soda


















Two Explorers

Vasco de gama

1460s to 24 december 1524

Portugese led two amardas. To the indies, in 15th century. Wealthened Portugal by trade routes. Landed in Calicut on 20 may 1498. First European to reach indies. Many lost life’s trying. Spices obtained mainly pepper and cinnamon. But others soon added Portugeses previously explored northern and west coast Africa

Used the cape route. Avoided highly disputed meditereanean. And dangerous arabian peninsular. Led two armadas to india. The first and forth. On ship called Esmerelda

Jacques Cousteau

11 june 2010 to 25 june 1997

French naval officer/explorer/conservationist/filmmaker/scientist/innovator/ photographer/author/researcher

French oceanographer, diver. Used first aqualungs. Filmed coral reefs fish. Sharks rays whales. Millions watched his black and white tv nature films. His documentary “the silent world” won the palm d or at cannes film festival in 1956. Helped develop the aqualung. Concerned with all aspects of the ocean

vasco de gama                               jacquez cousteau                   antarctica  Exploring

Greek Olympians- Persephone

Also called Kore and Cora. Spends winter in the underworld where she is imprisoned by Hades. Daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Sacred to her willow tree, rivers, waterfalls. With her mother Demeter central to the Eleusinian mysteries. Which pre- date the Greek Parthenon

Perhaps in the underworld in winter she grieves for a lost child or lover. Through the year’s she knows this waiting of despair and rebirth. She thinks she hears her mother calling faintly from the air. The earth waits on her mother’s grieving for a flicker of an eyelid, for refractured light, celandine, warbler in the willow and alder branches. As the princess of the underworld ascends

She is a lover in a dark tunnel. A blind star watcher. Waiting, waiting, wait. For the earth to begin its rivald celerations. For a kiss. To begin. In ice pitch black rebirth inspring. For the newness born in the blackness

Victorian Terraced Houses

There is one water pump shared by the street. but the water is polluted. There is one outside loo for the whole street. The bath if they owed one would be put in front of the rang- the warmest place in the house. Each room would have a coal fire. At night bed pans would warm the bed. Often a whole family would sleep and live in one room. There was a lounge, a kitchen for 16 people downstairs, two bedrooms upstairs, a communal back yard.

In Nottingham out of a total of 11000 houses, 8000 where back to backs in the 1840’s. The materials used where the cheapest available. Often slate from Wales. Nightmen would clear the courtyard and cesspit toilet at night as local law stipulated. Manchester experienced a six fold increase in population between 1771 and 1831. Bradford grew 50% every ten years between 1811 and 1851. By 1851 only 50% of the population where actually born there. There was little planning regulation, and what there was was ignored. Houses didn’t have running water and where damp.

“Snow fluttering through the deep blue cotton wool sky entering our numb cold dreams”

“Its so cold in winter and the walls are damp”

“There is nought in our heads but toil and graft”

“At night the moon beats, like the hearts of the thousands in rows of straight terraced houses urban slums”

“I give you Bradford a soot red city of rows of houses and 28 mill chimneys above large factories belching out smoke”

“We woke one day after years of dreamless sleep, there in front of us was a world city scape of dragon chimneys giant factories”

“Dire houses all in shades of black and grey”

“We rubbed our eyes closed them but the industrial city remained”

“Most where neither glad or saddened by the homes”

“Darkened red brick graves with tombstone windows”