Explorer Mars

Blood on Mars – Explorer


First there is no oxygen

But you walk with the last breath, you took in the landing craft


Then there is no gravity

But you cling by violent ravid faith to the planet rock


The suns radiation blisters your skin

Splits it open and flesh burns like a fragmentation bullet

Shot at by your brother, with an AK he kept hidden under the bed


You like the aloneness of Mars

You like the red dust and rock/ softer red than human blood


You chuckle- “Martians not here”


Then you lie on the ground

As the flesh squirms, through your disapearing skin

You turn on the I pod

A Priests sentimentality at death

And listen to “nothing else matters” by Metallica


And this sun which they lied about and said was life giving

The decrepid hypocritical incas, and debauched celts, and deluded indians


Melts your eyes in marriage

The most beautiful and real moments of your entire existance.



the olympians

i think there’s something timeless  about Greek myth and the golden age of the Greek city states generally. As there’s a lot of myth from various sources, i’ve just looked at Greek Olympians

Hera was goddess of the  hearth and marriage. Often depicted with a pomegranate as a symbol of fertile blood and death. The lion and peacock where sacred to her. Daughter of Chronus and Rhea, one of three sisters of Zeus. Festivals where held in her honour and flames kept lit in Greek city states

Dionysius was  the god of revellry, wine, the arts, fertility. He is the only one of the Olympians to have  mortal mother. Is seen as an outsider or foreigner “the god that arrives”there where diverse greek cults associated with him

Artemis was the goddess of the harvest of the wild, virginity and child birth. She is usually depicted in a forest with an bow and arrow, in consort with forest nymphs. The deer and cypress where sacred to her

There are twelve olympians, only three depicted here. There is an actual mount Olympus roughly in central greece which can be climbed and is reasonbly high. It is a testemant to this line of enquiry that Hilda Doolittle and numerous modern poets refer.  There revenance seems to me to increase with three millenia. The above is very scant information.

Artemis                            Mount Olympus             Dionysius