eu referendum

So the British people have spoken. Or at least half of Britain the leave camp who are in a gross generalisation anti technology/ computers, anti cosmopolitan, anti other countries, non outward looking, anti globalisation

These ludites have jeapodised the union jeapodised the economy which is needed to help people who need financial and other support. The poiticians except for Jeremy Corbyn who is too inadequate to be regared as a politician- are wholy out of there depth. And  as extreme right wing nationalism consumes Britain

America and urbane sophisticated Europe seeing clearly what the British apparantly can’t. I feel ashamed to be British.  I love  europe i have spent about four years there. and can only hope ardenly for a reversal, second referendum and reintegration with our geological neighbours and the rest of the world.





poetry events

Went to poem and a pint in grenodd ulverstone lake district on Saturday. J O Morgan was the headline act. He read from  his accomplished book “interference patterns” in different accents which made his poems interesting and enjoyable to listen to. Met  the lovely Kim Moore who published “the art of falling” to much well deserved acclaim

Attended wire writers warrington on Friday where we did a well formulated exersise.And two new? members  and i  read out works in progress.

Looking forward to seeing Anne and Peter Sampson read at the brewery in Kendal. But after a two hour drive realized its next week not ie today! So looking forward to seeing them next week. Booked ticket  to see Sarah James at Ledbury poetry festival  in early July. And thats all the news on the last week of poetry events. I think actually writing is more important than poetry events. But its nice to go somewhere particularly in summer.

lake district 3

lake district picture