three American realist paintings and poems

Three more American realist paintings for in  much edited

form a possible poetry pamphlet

 Isobel Bishop- People Walking

The man goes right
The woman goes left
Others In the background walk
In  different directions

All bathed in a socital sea of red

isobel bishop people walking


Thomas Eakins- Agnew Clinic
The men in the ampitheatre seats confer
Witness become scientific and puritanically practical

Its serious

The scapel is imonde

Imagine red lipstick chanel and clamps and blood drainage tube
It may not get messy we are avid pioneers

And the light is streaming on the surgeons
For the first time angels and Olympus are barred from here

Can you here the oceans tide. Quantified measured mapped

thomas eakins agnew clinic

Whistler- The Mother

You view her askance
All sideways

But she is full like a Rousseu Forest
The tempest ace ness of a farm lullaby
The first reading of the Pauline epistles

She is both diminuative and realized
Her world is glance less inner meditation

At home in grey black white
She does not need red orange green blue
She is outside of all/ inside

Mona Lisa in Conneticate
Mary Magdalane
Danu and the Maid de Orleans

All know her

Hail halleluya

the otters and goshawks dance

while she sits more wordless than Chicago or Detroit


whistler the mother