on labour leadership election

just a few thoughts. Britain is now i think a very complicated diverse multi cultural high tech advanced first world country

about 100 000 people have joined or payed to vote in the forthcoming leadership election. Nearly doubling the already members. There is a strong possibility Jeremy Corbyn will win. I hope not! Once again as with Ed Milliband blue collar trade unionist activists have highjacked the election process This group represent (you can do anything with statistics) perhaps 5% to 20% of Britain. Which is why the astute intelligent British couldn’t vote for them They certainly don’t represent me as a striving intellectual artist?

yvette cooper 2jermey corbynliz kendal

in its worst for it could be a party for the ghosts of British Leyland National Rail British Steel All good fodder for poems. queue back peddling on clause 4  1970’s Buskelism was bleak and disasterous. A ridgid class system little social mobility non aspirational economic disasters racism prevelant. Jeremy Corbyn is no intellectual with his middle brow right on smug inappropiate views. At the risk of offending people i’m not blue collar and the vast majoritty of British arn’t i don’t believe  Jeremy Corbyn Tom Watson Angela Eagle represent multi diverse Britain. if only it could be Yvette Cooper Liz Kendal Andy Burnam

In  50 years time i guess we’ll live in a totally different world. Now the economy is important and we can have both social fairness and welfare. And friendly economic policies. I dont fully understand the issues. but it is interesting. I’d like a credible labour leader to defeat the Tories. I’m proud to be a Blairite a politic for all Britain not the few. Another election defeat in 2020? it seems to me the labour party is reactionary

And the above while Britain is crying out for a non Tory goverment. It seems to me millions are needlessly suffering as the Thatcherite sado maschosim targets the poor the disabled the asylum seekers. And the salient point a labour party on the verge of electing a third leader to be defeated against a largely disliked and not particuarly  worthy opposition. its interesting. See you in six years as choices made soon play out