fanny howe Second Childhood favorite passages

Some of my favorite passages from Fanny Howe- Second Childhood

Weary fears, the

usual trials and

a place to surmise

blessedness.                         from For the Book

“Philosophy should only be written as poetry.”

Each person or place wants you as much as you want another


and replicated, sucked or kissed into the lips of strangers


the total machine of retribution presses on.

Regardless of prayer or what a person did


Your scissors are spit your fiddle is cracked its strings are thin

and your mouth is dry your cloths American.        from The Monk and Her Seaside Dreams

i tried the night after

but woke up struggling with machines.       from Why Did I Dream

Of learning  the secular rule of life         from Born Below

I came without a plan empty handed except  for my

notebooks from preceding days.                   from A Vision