Belmont Moor

i thought i’d try a poem!

Your alone finally, Cotton Grass, Heather, Sedge, Reed, Bracken You walk along the path. Eight red grouse plume across the purple, orange red slopes. You breathe air like neat malt Whisky. A ruined croft could be renovated to provide a future. Silas and Elizabeth long gone to the grave. Divine the lines where peat meets sky. Structure in landscape. You follow the Victorian path. A stream cascades. A Skylark sings eternally

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A woman in black cape and hood, face shrouded in darkness. Beaming incandescent blue fiery eyes. She turns walks ahead, you follow. Purple heather pollen breathed in. At the summit of Grassmoor Hill, she turns herĀ  blue flame neon eyes. Then disappears without a word. She is Brigit, Rhiannon, Diana. You look from the summit at Darwin, Blackburn, Belmont. What can you do with these decaying debauched city’s. You are finally alone. Now walk home, the red grouse flying again in your dreams. Bequeathed hope.

writing poetry

I’ve run out or rather am unwilling to write on another topic. Poetry. i think there are many kinds of writers block. Most people see it as sitting in front of a piece of paper or computer screen and having nothing to say. But there’s also being exhausted through the days work. A unwillingness to edit work or submit to magazines or utilize that spare half hour. Doubt as to worth of writing which makes you think why bother.

At the moment i have so many projects on the go that i wonder is it worth utilising half an hour somehow found from other things. I think poetry structures a life, gives meaning to. Provides something better. To me each poem is a newly built house. if the houses are shipwrecked keep building new ones

At the moment i’m trying to work similtaneously on as many as seventeen proposed pamphlets. these could take between a month and twenty years to write. Which sometimes leads to perhaps overambitious writers block and i do nothing related to writing for days. As the goals are too high and testing

Reading Julia Kristeva- Strangers to Ourselfs/ Helen Cixous- Steps on the writing ladder . Kate Tempest-Hold your Own/ Matt Merritt- The Elephant Tests/ Susan M Schultz- And then something happened/ Philip Roth- American Pastoral. And attempting to move house as my landlord is selling this one. Which could be a good or bad thing depending on where i find. I think if poetry is written on a daily basis it rewards. Also other things going on in a persons life can add to the quality of poetry. Three poems in Transnational magazine, one accepted by Obsessed with pipework and two by Dawntreader accepted. Now back to trying to make time to write poetry. One poem is good. And avoid the multitude of writers blocks. And keep dreaming. i may go back to writing on a specific topic next month. Keep writing! If you don’t write you could start!