On Zionism

What an incredible story. The Romans threw the last Israelites out of Israel in the 1st century as they where difficult to passify and took up arms readily. Then a 2000 year diaspora which spanned South America, Europe, Russia, America, Africa, India.In which their identity and religion where kept intact. The worst crimes against humanity ever- the holocaust. Then Zionism a movement which started in the early 20th century

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Against the opposition of Britain which then controlled Palestine. They landed set up Kibbutz. (see Arthur Koestler- Thieves in the Night, one of my favorite all time books) The British partitioned the country. There was a civil war and modern Israel was born. Switching from Yiddish back to Hebrew along the way. Becoming a reasonably affluent advanced democracy. Winning two wars to annihilate them The Seven Day war and Yom Kippur.

I think they have lost their way and become another avidly self interested western democracy. Lacking imagination to solve in particular Gaza and the west bank. But i leave you with 2000 years passing and Jewish people praying in Jerusalem by the wailing wall. All that’s left of the Jewish first temple. From a race which has given the world Marx, Freud, Wittgenstein to just name the headline acts. This is extremely brief i could add a lot more One day i’ll write about poetry- maybe